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New Quilt on the Block

Ready to make your first Quilt?

New Quilt on the Block shows you how to make your first quilt confidently and easily with my step-by-step instructions.

You have seen the amazing Quilts all over Pinterest and the Internet and feel overwhelmed with all the materials you need to start, let alone all the skills you need to make it happen? 

Are you frustrated by having tried to piece it all together yourself and are demoralised with your results of a Pinterest v’s Reality disaster? Then you are in the right place. 

There is more to Quilting than you think.  It’s not that you aren’t good at sewing, it’s that you haven’t learned the techniques for Quilting. Until you master the basics, you are going to struggle to make the quilt that you dream of.  But the good news is that the basics are easy to master with the guidance and support from someone who has done it before.  

Put your time, money and energy into getting it right from the start so that you can make a quilt that comes together correctly and without the frustration.  

Doors open September, 2023

Doors will open again for the next round in September.

Jemima Flendt

I'm Jemima Flendt and a High School Home Economics teacher that has turned my passion for teaching quilting and sewing into my full-time work. I have taught years of Quilting Workshops and Retreats (both nationally and internationally) where I show beginner quilters, that with the right instructions and skills, they can achieve cutting, piecing, constructing and quilting their very own quilts that come together with great results.

As the author of two beginner quilting books (and a third due out 2023), I understand how to explain each of the steps, to teach you exactly the skills that will set you up for success. You don’t have to guess what to do next or to have to read between the lines.

New Quilt on the Block

Introducing, New Quilt on the Block which shows beginner quilters how to achieve making their first quilt confidently and easily so you can wrap up someone you love in a quilt with my step-by-step course format.

The course has been created to take you from feeling overwhelmed in not knowing where to start, to proudly showing off your very first quilt, that didn’t take a huge amount of time and allows you to wrap up someone you love in a handmade quilt.

You will learn the foundation skills of cutting, sewing, piecing and quilting, which will allow you to read and understand pattern instructions, sets yourself up for future projects in your quilting adventures and can save you from a quilting disaster.   

What makes New Quilt on the Block different?

New Quilt on the Block features pre-recorded videos over 6 weeks so that you can go step-by-step and not feel overwhelmed. 

Bite-sized videos mean you are shown exactly what you need to do so you can spend less time watching and more time making to create your first quilt, even faster and without the fuss. 

Downloadable and Printable Workbooks, mean you can work through each unit at your own pace and have it right in front of you so that you can refer to the information at any time, keeping track of your learning and you can make all the extra notes you like. 

Checklists are included to make it super easy to see what you will need and then you can tick these off as you go. 

Here's what you will find inside this course

A 6-week, self-paced course, that teaches you how to make your first quilt from a pile of fabric to a  beautifully finished quilt. 

Pattern instructions that have been specially created for you in mind.  Everything has been explained in detail so that there is 
    no guesswork but simple enough for your first project. 

Pre-recorded videos that accompany each unit that you can watch as many times as you need but are bite sized so that you get 
   sewing quicker. Watch these from the comfort of your own home, around your own schedule. 

Unit Workbooks that are both downloadable and printable so that you have at your fingertips all the information you need to  
   make a quilt. These will set you up for success. 

Access to a Community Facebook page with like-minded and inspired quilters where you can share your progress or ask 

New units are made available each week so that you can work on one unit before moving onto the next.  

Access to New Quilt on the Block is for 1 year, so that you can refer back to it as you build your skills, and you don’t have to  
   worry about falling behind. 

A list of Partner Stores who will be stocking Quilt Kits for New Quilt on the Block. 

"Jemima’s beginner quilting course New Quilt on the Block was the perfect course to help me learn to make my first quilt. She broke the process down into small, easy to follow weekly units, which helped me to not become overwhelmed. The skills I learned helped me become confident in tackling my next project and many more to come!"

Michelle Grab
Founding New Quilt on the Block Student

"I've never quilted before and was completely intimidated by the process and couldn't attend in person classes so I just didn't begin. The New Quilt On The Block course changed all that and by going step by step from the very beginning, recapping and reminding me of the basics again before diving in with fun and simple step by step instructions. With a workbook and video for each unit, you can't go wrong! I now have a stunning quilt which is modern and also on trend, and It's empowered me to go ahead with more Tied With A Ribbon patterns with confidence. I highly recommend the New Quilt On The Block Course!

Sarah Francis
Founding New Quilt on the Block Student

"I was a tester for this quilt course. Jemima’s techniques are simple, precise and easy to follow. The video tutorials are crisp, clear and concise. They are also not too long so you don’t ever feel weighed down with content. I highly recommend this course to any beginner quilter and wish there had been something like this available when I started my quilting journey."

Sue-ann Tilby
Founding New Quilt on the Block Student

"I've worked with Jemima as her quilt pattern technical editor on several quilt patterns over the last year. Her pattern instructions are easy to follow, concise but thorough, and yield a beautiful quilt each time! She explains quilting techniques clearly and uses traditional piecing methods in fresh, modern ways. Jemima is a great resource to the quilting community and her quilt patterns are perfect for beginnings and experienced quilters alike!"

Elisabeth Myrick
Technical Editor

"Jemima’s classes make her classes some of the best I have attended. She has a very methodical and practical approach to quilting. Her skill and expertise are admirable, and she always makes you feel comfortable, nothing is a hassle. You can start a class and feel overwhelmed and walk out feeling like a quilting rockstar."

Nicola Macmichael
Student and PMQG President 

“I chose a Tied with a Ribbon pattern for my first quilt because it was a simple and straight forward design with a big impact. The instructions explained clearly how to cut and included great very clear illustrations, all of which were very useful and built confidence to make the first cut. Sewing the quilt together was a breeze. A fantastic pattern to make my first quilt.”

Chris Barratt

"I had never touched a sewing machine before doing one of Jemima’s classes. I didn’t know how to sew or even own a sewing machine. I remember feeling very nervous and completely out of my comfort zone. I felt like I could ask Jemima any questions without feeling silly. As a complete beginner I had no idea about anything. Jemima is patient and her pattern instructions (written and verbal) are easy to understand."

Penny Shepherd



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Michelle Grab

Excellent Course!!

Jemima does a wonderful job of breaking down each step of the quilting process into easy to digest and follow parts. You'll learn all of the foundational skills needed to successfully complete your first quilt. This course is perfect for anyone who is looking to start their quilting journey!

5 months ago
Sue-ann Tilby

Fabulous course!

Jemima is a fabulous teacher. She explains everything so clearly and has made learning how to quilt just so simple.

5 months ago
Sarah Francis

So much fun!

I've never quilted before and had definitely put it in the 'too hard' basket, but this course was not only perfect for me as a beginner, but it was fun and empowering! The skills i've learnt have created a stunning quilt but also gotten me excited to try more of Tied With A Ribbon Quilt Patterns now I know how to create Half Square Triangles and 9 Patch Blocks.

5 months ago

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, all you need is a keen interest, and I will show you the rest. Everything you will need is outlined and all the skills to make your first quilt are covered.

You have access for 1 year to this course so that you can refer back to it as you build your skills.  But don’t forget that all of the workbooks and instructions are downloadable so you can keep these for your own use forever.

Yes, this course has been designed with you in mind.  This course will have one unit dropped each week. This means you can learn the skills in your own time and be ready for the following week.  As you have access to this course for 1 year you don’t need to worry about falling behind or needing extra time in a week if you don’t complete all the steps.

With bite-sized videos and content to get you sewing faster you can get making knowing that you are learning exactly what you need to know rather than being overwhelmed with information you won’t need yet. With only a few hours each week you can complete this beautiful quilt.

There will be a list available for stores stocking kits and equipment to make this quilt in Australia, Canada and the United States.

You will get access to the Tied with a Ribbon Patterns Community on Facebook.

By the end of this course

Imagine its 6 weeks from today and you have just put the last stich in your quilt and hold it out from you and feel so much pride in this beautiful creation you have made.  You wrap it up, tie it with a bow, gift it to a special loved one and see their face light up at the time and love you have poured into this gift.  

It’s totally okay to carve out time to fill up your own cup and learn a hobby.

You’ll skip the frustration and learn the right shortcuts.  

You will be so excited to gift the quilt you have made to your best friend’s new baby, or to wrap up a dear loved one with your handmade quilt that you are so proud of having made and that expresses just how much you care.  The gift of a Quilt will be treasured for many years to come and becomes such a source of comfort to the person you have made it for.